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Hiring a professional photographer doesn’t have to be tedious. Let’s make sure you hire the right one for you.

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Over the phone or face-to-face, JWP wants to get to know you and what makes your family special. We can begin by scheduling your pre-consultation where we will talk all about you. JWP will be happy to answer questions and address any reservations you may have when it comes to hiring a photographer as well as provide you with some advice to get you started.


Booking a photographer doesn't have to be stressful. JWP wants to make sure you have a friendly & fun experience worth sharing. Hear from other clients who have gone through the process before and see how their minds were put at ease. They can testify about their experiences, and JWP will be around afterwards to address any remaining inquiries you may have.

Story Time

After we've met, you've checked out my work, and we've discussed your concerns, you'll be reassured that you're making an informed decision when it comes to hiring a professional. Sit back and relax - from start to finish, JWP will be there every step of the way. Let's get you on the calendar. You can book online or email for more information. Whatever you need, JWP is here to help.